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About Nabe Urawa

Nabe Urawa makes traditional shabu shabu an international experience with top quality ingredients flown in from around the world. Nabe Urawa, focuses on bringing guests an indulgent yet balanced, casual and fun experience. The all-you-can-eat experience at Nabe Urawa is all about balance mixed with indulgence at an affordable price. Top quality ingredients are balanced with luxurious imported beef and seafood mixed with the freshly picked, seasonal, locally grown vegetables.

Our delectable and nutritious food quickly bring together a group of friends or family who enjoy picking their next bite from an abundant selection of ingredients laid out in the self-service buffet display, the quick table-top cooking and finally the dipping of each bite into delicious sauces, condiments and seasonings. Everyone at the table will be able to fully immerse themselves in the experience thanks to the restaurant’s spacious, sophisticated interior elevated with friendly and warm service.

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Urawa serves authentic Japanese cuisine and is conveniently located at Sheung Wan. With minimal food styling and décor, this might not be the coolest Japanese restaurant in town but the flavour in our dishes packs a punch. Our Japanese Cuisine Executive Chef, Shek Tak Ming, who grew up in a small fishing village makes no excuses when it comes to insisting on the freshest and best seafood. With Chef Shek’s years of experience along with his team at Urawa, we strive to bring the best of authentic Japanese food to the Hong Kong community at an affordable price. Using the perfect combination of Japanese spices, sauces, ingredients and cooking technique, our food will transport you straight to the streets of Japan.  

Whether you are thinking of dining out in a circle of closest friends, a business lunch or a family gathering, there are many reasons and occasions to visit Urawa. Our culinary team has thoughtfully designed extensive set lunch options and the most bountiful dinner buffet served in a cozy and welcoming space for diners to enjoy and indulge. Private rooms are available if you are looking for an intimate gathering or celebrations. Our passionate service team at Urawa is a family and available whenever you need them for anything. They will help elevating your dining experience with a sense of comfort and sharing. No matter your attire, our home is your home and doors will always be opened for you.  

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Urawa - Sheung Wan

Basement & Those Entrance Areas to the Basement on G/F, Tung Hip Commercial Bldg., 244-252 Des Voeux Rd Central, Sheung Wan