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About Nabe Urawa

Nabe Urawa makes traditional shabu shabu an international experience with top quality ingredients flown in from around the world. Nabe Urawa, focuses on bringing guests an indulgent yet balanced, casual and fun experience. The all-you-can-eat experience at Nabe Urawa is all about balance mixed with indulgence at an affordable price. Top quality ingredients are balanced with luxurious imported beef and seafood mixed with the freshly picked, seasonal, locally grown vegetables.

Our delectable and nutritious food quickly bring together a group of friends or family who enjoy picking their next bite from an abundant selection of ingredients laid out in the self-service buffet display, the quick table-top cooking and finally the dipping of each bite into delicious sauces, condiments and seasonings. Everyone at the table will be able to fully immerse themselves in the experience thanks to the restaurant’s spacious, sophisticated interior elevated with friendly and warm service.

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At San-Kinn, diners are transported to the colourful world of Taipei's Shifen Railway Station in the heart of Shifen Old Street. Nothing brings people together like Taiwanese hot pot — the steaming, bubbling pots of flavour-packed and nourishing broth, the fresh ingredients and the creative possibilities of designing your own sauces. The true magic of hot pot is the way it brings people together. As you wait for each delicious morsels to cook, you are given time. Time to talk, to remember the world as it once was, and to be transported to another place.

A piping hot pot of duck blood broth lets you feel the spicy warmth of Taiwanese food, crispy fried chicken cutlets let you taste the enthusiasm and cacophony of Taiwan's lively night markets and the sweet, chew of Shifen sweet taro balls takes diners back to a time when they walked the evening streets hand in hand with their love. Every bite at San-Kinn evokes joy, memories and the anticipation of a walk in the cool mountain air of Taipei with dawn only hours away.

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San-Kinn Tsuen Wan (Coming Soon)

Shop 126-127, 1/F, Nina Mall Phase 1, Tsuen Wan