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About Nabe Urawa

Nabe Urawa makes traditional shabu shabu an international experience with top quality ingredients flown in from around the world. Nabe Urawa, focuses on bringing guests an indulgent yet balanced, casual and fun experience. The all-you-can-eat experience at Nabe Urawa is all about balance mixed with indulgence at an affordable price. Top quality ingredients are balanced with luxurious imported beef and seafood mixed with the freshly picked, seasonal, locally grown vegetables.

Our delectable and nutritious food quickly bring together a group of friends or family who enjoy picking their next bite from an abundant selection of ingredients laid out in the self-service buffet display, the quick table-top cooking and finally the dipping of each bite into delicious sauces, condiments and seasonings. Everyone at the table will be able to fully immerse themselves in the experience thanks to the restaurant’s spacious, sophisticated interior elevated with friendly and warm service.

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Dab-Pa Artisan

Experimentation. When done right, it infuses excitement into our lives. It turns the everyday into an adventure. It re-defines our expectations. At Dab-pa Artisan, light-hearted and skillful experimentation is infused into every aspect of the restaurant. The interior is fashionable, trendy, cool and photogenic. At the helm of the restaurant is the master culinary creator, Chef Ki, who until being recruited for Dab-pa Artisan’s kitchen, was the head of a Micheline-starred restaurant. Chef Ki brings all of the talent and know-how of a culinary master, without any of the stuffy unapproachability. First, like any elite-level chef, he starts with the best ingredients from around the world. Imported Wagyu beef, pungent black truffles, fresh from the ocean abalone and tender lamb all make an appearance on the Dab-pa Artisan menu. Once the key ingredients are acquired, the culinary team gets to work transforming simple ingredients into magical components.Tying all of the ingredients together is the marriage of flavours created by skillful experimentation. Classic Chinese savoury flavours meet western spices and sweetness. When combined, they create a harmonious flavour unlike anything else.

Simply serving delicious food isn’t enough for Dab-pa Artisan. Diners must also take part in an experience. Something that gets them talking and makes them burst with excitement to tell others about.Molecular gastronomy, once the reserve of only ultra-elite restaurants, is a component of several dishes on the Dab-pa Artisan menu. The espumas and foams carry tiny bubbles that when placed on the tongue instantly burst with flavour,then disappear. Desserts too are given an experimental touch. Each dish is carefully constructed to ensure not only that they are delicious, but also beautiful. Colourful and whimsical edible flowers make for dishes that scream to be photographed and shared online.

From sophisticated and playful mocktails,to delightful afternoon tea, and inventive main courses, Dab-pa Artisan brings lighthearted culinary experimentation that is sure to snap you out of the everyday dining experience.

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Dab-Pa Artisan - K11 MUSEA

Shop B111, B1/F, Victoria Dockside K11 Musea, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui