Winter Feast at Home with Nabe Urawa's Takeaway



November 13, 2020

Winter is no doubt the best season for shabu shabu and sukiyaki and both are joyful meals for friends and family.
Couple and family can now enjoy safe, fun gathering and a perfect date night at home with Nabe Urawa’s takeaway. Our hassle-free takeaway set includes our prime quality thin sliced Australian or Japanese beef, select cuts of chicken and pork, freshly picked seasonal vegetables, imported seafood and local favourites such as lobster and sea urchin balls to select from. The takeaway set also features 4 signature soup base choices.
The great news? Enjoy 30% off for all orders starting this December! Supreme Beef Ribs for two starts from a special price of $368 (original $525). For more details on the menu please click on:
Simply kick back and relax. Nabe Urawa will take care of your fun and healthy meal from selecting, cleaning, cutting to the smallest detail of sauce and condiments. Plan your shabu shabu night now!

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