Summer spotlight: TGG Value Plus+ Voucher Bundle



June 23, 2022

Summer spotlight: TGG Value Plus+ Voucher Bundle - Your passport this season to great food, drinks and vibes across TGG restaurants!


Pay less to experience more. TGG value plus+ bundle includes 22 x $100 cash vouchers PLUS 13 x value add vouchers worth over $3,000 in total. Selling at $2,000 now for a limited time!

Available now for purchase at all of our outlets.


TGG value plus+ bundle includes 1 cashvoucher pack & 1 conditional voucher pack:

- cash voucher pack: contains 20x HK$100 cash voucher. Multiple usage of HK$100 cash vouchers is allowed with no limit from next transaction

- conditional voucher pack: contains 2x HK$100 cash voucher & 13x conditional vouchers under different brands. The vouchers in this pack can be used immediately after purchase.

13x conditional vouchers under different brands includes:

1. Nabe Urawa/Yakiniku Guu/San-kinn free All-You-Can- Eat grade voucher x1

2. Nabe Urawa/Yakiniku Guu/San-kinn free 30-minute extension voucher x1

3. Dab-pa $58 dessert voucher x1

4. Moments Together $68 dessert voucher x1

5. TIRPSE $100 discount voucher x1

6. TIRPSE/Moments Together/Dab-pafree corkage fee voucher x1

7. Parkview $50 discount voucher x1

8. Takano $50 discount voucher x1

9. Yamaichi $50 discount voucher x1

10. Urawa $50 discount voucher x1

11. Rakuraku $20 discount voucher x1

12. La’Taste $20 discount voucher x1

13. TGG festive products $15 discountvoucher x1

Summer is meant to be savored! Dine, unwindand spoil your loved ones with mouth-watering all-you-can-eat Taiwanese hotpot,Yakiniku and shabu shabu, enjoy the best of season bounties and flavourssavoring our Chinese, Japanese & Vietnamese creations or a coveted culinary experience at our celebrated French restaurant. At TGG we quest for your taste!


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