Striking and Alluring. Here Comes 2021 Spring Menu!



April 1, 2021

Spring 2021 feels different and with that newfound sense of optimism comes a desire for inspired meals and the enjoyment of expertly crafted, harmonious ingredients with a brighter and lighter taste on the palate. The culinary team at Tirpse have taken inspiration from unique local dishes and seasonal ingredients only found for a few short weeks in the spring.
“With the hope of a full reopening just around the corner, we wanted our spring menu to reflect that optimism. The dishes on our spring menu take full advantage of some of the world’s top seasonal ingredients and the prominence of bright citrus, sour and bitter flavours are designed to wake the taste buds up from our long confinement.” Explains Chef Shimizu Yuta.
Book a reservation and embrace optimism with Tirpse’s striking and alluring Spring menu:

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