Forward Looking Menu At Tirpse This Spring



April 22, 2022

Forward-Looking Spring Menu At Tirpse
This spring our award-winning culinary team has come together to create a menu that honours the desire to live in the moment and focuses on seasonality and the understanding that all things, good and bad, pass with time.
The rarest of ingredients are used, the richest and most luxurious of meats and flavours all make an appearance. South African abalone, Japanese Wagyu, plump sea scallops, and rich French cheese are incorporated into the sumptuous dishes.
Chef Rin, one of Hong Kong’s most talented and in-vogue pastry chefs is basking in the joy of his latest accolade, a Best Pastry Chef award by SCMP. The award is presented to only the most talented chefs across Hong Kong & Macau. Not only was Chef Rin the winner in the Top Pastry Chef category, the culinary masters at Tirpse also received an award for French Cuisine category. This season, the plating, flavours, and uniqueness of the dishes are a true demonstration of the skill and talent of Tirpse’s unrivalled culinary team.
Aside from special drinks on the house to welcome the dinner back, Chef Rin has included more than 1 of his signature desserts in both our spring lunch & dinner
menu. Join us to discover more sweet sensations!
Welcome drinks offer available from 21-27 April. Prices for the lunch menu start at 598 HKD and dinner at 1488 HKD.
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