Lucky draw results



June 3, 2021

Last Tuesday was an exciting and fun-filled day for our team. It was lucky draw day to pick the lucky winners for our FB contest which ended last 21st May!
Lucky draw results for Taste Gourmet Group FB contest:
First prize: 【Sprite Lo】Tirpse- Set Dinner for 2
Second prize:【Venus Leung】Urawa - Deluxe Buffet for 2
Third prize:【Li Ching Ngai】Nabe Urawa - Deluxe Australian Wagyu Beef +Seafood Set for 2
Fourth Prize: Parkview - M5 Wagyu Beef Rib Eye Steak X 1
1)【Kwok Wai Yee Emily】
2)【Robbie Chow】
Fifth Prize: Dab pa - Sea Bass with Pickled Cabbage & Chilli X 1
1)【Apple Wong】
2)【Manko Ko】
3)【Ophelia Tse】
Sixth Prize: La‘taste - Pho with Thin Slices of Beef Ribs X 1
1)【Ben Lau】
2)【Harry Lai】
3)【Julietta Chan】
4)【Terry Cheng Pan Kit】
5)【Brian Chan】
List of winners can be found on our website, Sing Tao & The Standard newspaper as well.
Once again, thank you all for your participation and support. Congratulations to all lucky winners!!
Winners, please inbox our team within 10 days from today to claim your prizes.
Trade Promotion Competition Licence No.:54314

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