2nd San-Kinn now open at Mongkok



July 14, 2022

San-Kinn Taiwanese hotpot arrives at Grand Plaza Mongkok today. Sharing with you a piece of Taiwan and the most authentic Taiwanese hotpot and night market tid-bits, San-Kinn opens our 2nd new branch store at Mongkok. You can now enjoy all-you-can-eat on various Taiwanese items such as mala duck blood pot, sweet soup taro ball and milk brick dessert, salty fried-chicken, and devilish chicken cutlet.

At San-Kinn, you will be transported to the colourful world of Taipei's Shifen Railway Station in the heart of Shifen Old Street. Nothing brings people together like Taiwanese hot pot — the steaming, bubbling pots of flavour-packed and nourishing broth, the fresh ingredients and the creative possibilities of designing your own sauces. The true magic of hot pot is the way it brings people together.

Every bite at San-Kinn evokes joy, memories and the anticipation of a walk in the cool mountain air of Taipei with dawn only hours away.

San-Kinn (Mongkok branch):
Shop 201, 2/F, Grand Plaza, Mongkok, Kowloon
T: 2311 8002

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